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Simply Shabby Chic Tissue Paper Bunny

Now that Saint Patrick's Day has passed, its time to turn our attention to Spring and Easter decorating! I have to be honest when I say that I really don't have much of either decor! So the other night while I was shopping at TJMaxx and spotted a sweet tissue paper bunny, inspiration hit! I knew that I could make my own using supplies I already had on hand.

Supplies you will need for this project

*Rabbit form (foam, plastic, wood, paper mache whichever you prefer)

*Pretty floral tissue paper or napkins

*Mod Podge

*Foam or regular paintbrush 


My rabbits are actually Target clearance items from a few years ago and I think I only paid about a dollar each for them. My favorite part of this project is the tissue paper! I have been saving this Rachel Ashwell Simply Shabby Chic tissue paper for several years because I had no idea what to do with it, and I was definitely not going to waste it by stuffing it in a package! Lol I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to SSC items and if some of you are as well, then you might have a bit of this tissue laying around!

Look how soft and pretty the tissue is!

First thing you will need to do is cut the tissue into strips. You can do any size, but I chose to cut where the tissue already had fold lines.

Next you will need to use your paint brush to paint an area of Mod Podge on your rabbit the size of the tissue that you have already cut. Lay the tissue on the area of Mod Podge and press it down with your paint brush. Use more Mod Podge to coat the top of tissue to seal it and help it lay down easier.

Keep repeating this step until you have your whole bunny covered. You may need to cut smaller pieces occasionally to get into hard to reach areas.

Once your bunny is covered, start adding more layers until you are satisfied with the look of your tissue paper bunny. If I had a spot that didn't quite have enough of the floral print I just cut a small piece of the floral part out and pasted it to where I wanted it.

Let your bunny dry overnight.

If you wanted to, you could also add a ribbons and jewels to your bunny to dress her up. I chose to keep mine simple as not to take away from the gorgeous SSC print.

But now that my bunnies are finished, I may add sweet little diamonds for their eyes at some point. I have some vintage bunnies that have diamond eyes and I love the look.

 I decided to display my bunnies in my shabby French style office. They look so pretty with my Rachel Ashwell prints that I use in there already.

I'm so happy that I made these! They will definitely be keepsakes for sure! I hope you are inspired to make your own!


For The Love of Green

Hello Friends! I'm so excited to be a part of this awesome blog hop hosted by my dear friend Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home! Thank you so much Amber for putting this together!

If you are just coming over from Kristin's gorgeous log home at White Arrows Home, Welcome to Welch House! I hope you are able to find some inspiration here!

With Saint Patricks day approaching, a lot of people are bringing out their green decor. I thought I would share with you how I incorporate green into my kitchen all year long, as it is one of my very favorite colors.

I have a very special green cabinet that was once used by my Great-parents and my Grandparents as a place to store their canning jars. It sat lonely and unused until I rescued it from my parent's basement about 8 years ago. 

I absolutely love the original green paint and the patina that it has. I painted the tongue and groove walls a historic pale pink.

I don't do a lot of St. Patrick's day decor, but seeing as I am Irish, I decided to make a cute Vintage Irish couple for my cabinet.

I found these darling printables at The Graphics Fairy. After I printed them out, I stabilized them with  foam board, and ta-da!!! They are absolutely festive and elegant.

I recently found the green rimmed vintage plates at an estate sale and the depression era green glassware  I found at a garage sale! I love the intricate details on the glassware, and they look pretty as vases for my fresh roses.

The embroidered lace panel I ordered from off of Etsy. It came from France and I love how it dressed up my cabinet.

The skirt for my cabinet is made out of a sheet from Target. The sheets are pink and white striped and are from the Simply Shabby Chic Collection. I think it adds a sweet touch to the cabinet.

 Just beyond the green cabinet, is a small hallway that connects the dining room to the kitchen and also leads to a powder room. I chose a beautiful green French style wallpaper for this space. I love the gorgeous florals and exotic birds that are printed on it.

I fell in love with this wallpaper as soon as I saw it! It looks beautiful in this small cozy space.

To open up the space a bit, I hung an ornate gold mirror which is also a thrift store find! Interesting fact..when I purchased the mirror, the employees at the thrift store told me that it had been donated by the local funeral home! Well that didn't stop me from taking this beauty home!

Our kitchen is also home to a gorgeous green antique stove! This stove has been with me through several decor changes and three homes! I don't cook on it, I use it only for decoration.

The last several years its been a tradition for my little boy Delaine and I to make Leprechaun cupcakes! He is always is excited to bake these!

His very favorite part is the vintage Leprechaun men on top!

We always add colorful sprinkles.

These adorable cupcakes don't last too long around here!

A never before seen view of my kitchen...to the left is the dining nook. The kitchen is a very difficult area for me to photograph, so thats why I don't show it very often!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit more of my home and have come to love the many different shades of green as much as I do!

Thank you so much for visiting!


Vintage Valentines Day

Hello and welcome to the Vintage Valentines Blog hop hosted by Amber at Follow the Yellow Brick Home. Thank you so much Amber for including me in this amazing group of bloggers!

If you are visiting from Kelly's home at The Tattered Pew, welcome! I'm sure you found some beautiful valentine inspiration!

Currently here at Welch House we have a gigantic mess in the dining room. I am stripping wall paper in there and repainting the walls. Its definitely taking longer than anticipated. I decided move our dining room table into the front parlor while the dining room gets its makeover.

Lets take a peek...

I am pleasantly surprised at how pretty the table looks in front of the fireplace.

For a romantic setting candles of all types are a MUST. This year I also branched out a bit and purchased some light pink tapers. The pink vintage looking tea light holders are new this year are well.

When it comes to table settings, I usually don't do anything fancy. I would like to work more on that this year, but simple is pretty too. Everything on my table has been found thrifting, with the exception of the tablecloth.

I purchased this beautiful hand embroidered panel from France. The story behind it was beautiful. The panel was a gift to a bride in the 1930's and was cherished by her throughout her life. She kept it wrapped in tissue in her hope chest and then it went to a friend after her death and now to me. I thought It would be beautiful on my valentines table.

I love love love vintage valentines boxes and I snatch them up whenever I come across them, especially if they are in pastel colors. I also love vintage valentines cards, this particular one belonged to my Grandparents.

I love fresh roses and my husband actually surprised me with this bouquet for my birthday! The roses were so perfect and delicate.

I loaded the mantel with votives and brass candlestick holders to create a romantic ambience.

Drippy taper candles just scream romance to me. I also scattered some pretty pink dried roses around the mantel, and I couldn't forget my large pink vintage heart chocolate box.

To celebrate the holiday of love I decided to showcase this gorgeous marriage certificate on my mantel. This certificate is especially meaningful to me as it was my Great-Grandparents certificate.

A close up so you can see the details a bit better.

I love how the certificate is in soft pretty Shabby Chic style colors.

Just a close up of these beauties.

I actually loved dressing this table up for Valentines day. A beautiful table can either over the top or simple. Its whatever speaks to you!!

This is a quick photo that I captured before I lit any candles or poured the sparkling cider, it just looked pretty to me so I thought I'd share.

 For more Valentines day decor beauty, make sure you visit Terrie at Decorate and More with Tip

Cupid Wreath

Today I wanted to share another Valentines DIY project. I love Valentines decor but sometimes its too cheesy for me. I want my Valentine decor to be elegant with a bit of sweetness thrown in.
I was elated when I spotted this tutorial on Pinterest to create this gorgeous cupid wreath, which is so my style! This wreath is the creation of the very talented Chloe of Celebrate & Decorate. 
click here to see hers!

I decided to make my wreath the same way, just adding in some different colors and ribbons.

My wreath form once was a mirror, but sadly it got broken. I was happy to find a new use for it!

I used two of my cherubs from my Christmas decor and added some sweet pink ribbons and pearls to their necks. I also found two tiny crowns in my craft stash for them!

Once I had everything hot glued on the cherubs, I then took a pipe cleaner, wrapped it around their wings and twisted to a few times to make sure it was secure. Once that was done I then wrapped the cherub with the pipe cleaner to the frame. I also used hot glue in spots to make it more secure for the cherub.

Next I found some Valentine ornaments that I've had for years and spray painted them gold because originally they were red. Once they were dry I hot glued a pearl to the front of each of them.

In Chloe's wreath she used ribbon the hang her hearts. I decided to use extra crystal strands from a chandelier that I bought instead. 

Once I had everything the length that I liked and the hearts attached to the crystal strands, I hot glued each strand to the back of the frame.

I liked the outcome a lot, but something was missing, so I decided to add a simple pink ribbon to the top tied into a shoe string bow.
I think this was such a elegant and easy DIY and it can be easily customized to your tastes!
I spent nothing to create this.

Also, once I got done making the wreath I noticed that the frame was upside down...lol. Oh well, imperfection is beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this post and maybe create a Cupid wreath of your own!

Happy Crafting!!